February is Heart Health Month. Heart health means a lot of different things. There is the strength of the contraction of our heart, the ability for each of our valves to close, the plaguing in our arteries, the stress we put on our heart, the ability for the heart to push and circulate our blood throughout our entire body and MORE!

Differentiating what is important to you and YOUR heart is the first step. Then knowing what to do about it is the next piece of the puzzle.

Since February is Heart Healthy Month I want to talk to you about Standard Process. Standard Process is my GO TO supplement line not only for my patients but for my family as well. I have been blessed to visit the farm in Wisconsin where Standard Process’ magic is created.

Standard Process is a multi-generational, family-owned and operated, nutritional supplement company for over 90 years. Family is at the heart of everything they do – and family includes everyone – employees, health care practitioners, patients, and their families and pets, too. Yes, my dog even takes Standard Process supplements on a daily basis! They are a whole-food based, organic supplement company. Most of their products come from things grown on their farm in Wisconsin.

Now let’s talk about their options in the realm of heart health and what you can do to improve your own health!


  • Supports healthy function of heart and other muscles
  • Antioxidant activity
  • Supports increased oxygen demand during exercise
  • Good source of vitamin C

Cardiotrophin PMG

  • Supports heart and cardiovascular system
  • Supports normal heart cell growth and differentiation


  • Supports circulatory cholesterol transport
  • Supports healthy cellular glucose handling to help maintain blood sugar levels
  • Supports healthy peripheral circulation


Schedule a consultation with Dr. Allison today to assess your health concerns and which Standard Process supplements would be right for you!