I recently had a young gentleman in the office with A LOT of complaints. He is about 25 years old, works in construction and has pushed his body to its limits his whole life. He eats generally healthy. Very heavy in protein and carbs due to his vast weight lifting background. He has found over the years that he isn’t making gains as quickly as he would like in the gym, he isn’t recovering as quickly and he just has more general fatigue. He even said to me “Getting old sucks.” He’s 25…. he’s NOT OLD!


He is also experiencing a lot of headaches (like 5 a week!) and low back pain. He did stand up from a chair like he was 80. I didn’t even know if he was going to make it fully upright. Like a lot of us, he works through the pain. He knows he is stiff and slow moving in the morning. He just reaches in to that medicine cabinet  and takes over the counter medication. The medicine takes care of it enough for him to go on with his daily activities. He has been doing this for years. This isn’t even what brought him into the office!


He has started having episodes where he suddenly feels exhausted and he knows a “spell is coming on.” His words, not mine. So what happens is he will get this aura and he knows he is going to black out. Not black out like pass out but he is going to fall asleep. Sometimes he will slur his words, his familyl members have said they have carried on conversations with him in this state and he doesn’t make sense. Even if they can piece together what he is saying it’s like he is talking in gibberish and can’t follow the conversation. He has even slept in his truck for a couple of hours to let this pass. Sometimes he will sleep for over 24 hours at a time! Scary right!?!


Obviously, he knows this isn’t normal. Last time it happened, his father drove him to the emergency room. They did blood work, thousands of dollars in tests and couldn’t find anything wrong with him. While that can be frustrating we are all thankful they emergency room physicians ruled out all the serious stuff. 


After all of his testing was done, got the results back, THEN he came into the office. He was wanting chiropractic care, nutrition support and a better understanding of what was going on with his body. He didn’t want to live under this cloud anymore.


He is 25 and does not trust his body anymore. He was scared to drive by himself out of fear that an episode would occur.


I always start out with an adjustment. I don’t like to give exercises, stretches, nutrition advice or anything else on the first adjustment day. Why? Well, if you get better or worse we don’t know what to attribute it to. I want to know exactly how your body is responding to care, each and every time you come into the office.


Well….. When he came back for his second adjustment, I asked him how he was feeling, what was going better. The first thing that came out of his mouth will make you laugh.


He asked, “Does chiropractic care make you smarter?”


In all of my years as a chiropractor I have NEVER had a patient ask me this. But he was serious. He looked me straight in the eyes and said, “I think your adjustment the other day made me smarter!”


Now, let’s be clear. Chiropractic adjustments do not make you smarter. I mean, if they did, I would get adjusted daily, adjust my husband, my kids and I would probably be a millionaire!


However, I do think chiropractic care can influence our thinking. Check out the reasons below why I think this patient had such an ‘a ha’ moment after his 1st adjustment.


Chiropractic care has been proven to:

  1. Improve sleep – better sleep = better mood = better focus throughout the day
  2. Improve your mood – My chiropractor growing up used to tell me she gave me an “attitude” adjustment. I didn’t understand until I was in chiropractic school that there is a bone in your neck correlated with your mood.
  3. Better balance – Having a balanced body means the brain doesn’t have to focus on “fixing” as many problems in our body and can focus on the task at hand – maybe that’s a project at work, a test in school or just reading a book
  4. Better energy – With the reduced inflammation due to chiropractic adjustments, our bodies are able to produce energy without as much work. I know when I have more energy I definitely feel like I can comprehend concepts better.
  5. Better breathing – Forward head posture is all too common nowadays. With people spending so much time on their devices we are seeing the head shift farther and farther forward. Well, when you stick your head out, jut that chin forward and try to take in a deep breath it feels like it can’t go anywhere. We need oxygen to think! So, by better posture, better oxygen saturation throughout the body, we have better thinking!


If you want to get smarter 😉 make an appointment today!