Cancer Killer Essential #3: Quality Nutrition

Many know that poor diet and nutrition choices will lead to weight gain. The obesity epidemic is ever rising. Today’s commercial diet not only adds on the pounds, it also contains countless toxins and lack essential nutrients. Consuming these foods will place you on the road to serious disease. The culprits behind disease include sugar, bad fats, and refined/chemical-laden products. When addressing nutrition related to cancer, we look at how the nutrition affects our hormone levels. Hormones such as insulin increase fat stores, and cancer loves fat!

This may sound contradictory, but the thing most Americans are lacking is fat!  This isn’t just any kind of fat however, we’re talking about good fats.  Good fats are essential to hormone production, cancer prevention, regulating your metabolism, burning fat, brain development, weight loss, and cellular healing. The typical American however is not eat the good fats necessary for these processes, they are consuming things like hydrogenated oils and rancid vegetable fats. So what are examples of bad fats? Here are a few, vegetable oil, canola oil, cottonseed oil, safflower oil, soybean oil, margarine, and shortening. These fats are often found in many processed and packed foods. The following are all good fats you should be incorporating into your diet: raw nuts and seeds, olive oil, avocados, coconut products, animal proteins, and full fat raw dairy products.

Next up, we’ll discuss proteins. Protein comprises the building blocks for hormones and neurotransmitters within your body. Many studies have no linked commercial produced meats to cancer and heart disease. To avoid the toxicity of those commercially produced meats, your proteins should come from organic, humanely raised, grass-fed, and anti-biotic free sources.  When those animals that are meant to eat grass are only raised on grains, it alters their fatty acid ratios. Many milk produces use recombinant bovine growth hormone (RBGH) to increase milk production. This practice has been deemed harmful and is banned in the European Union, Canada, and other countries.  Research has linked this hormone to the development of childhood cancers. Here are good and safe proteins: grass-fed organic meat, wild caught fish, free-range organic eggs, grass-fed organic whey protein, raw nus and seeds, grass-fed organic dairy products. The following bad proteins should be eliminated: pork, conventionally raised poultry, farm-raised fish, processed soy products, and commercial whey products.


Sugar is considered the fuel for cancer. Cancer cells have more receptor sites for sugar than any other substance. When an oncologist does a PET scan on a patient, the patient is given dextrose (sugar) with radioactive dye. The cancer cells will then eat the sugar and the scan lights up wherever the cancer is. This is hard proof that cancer feeds on sugar and it will just fuel it to grow. A 2004 study conducted by the National Cancer Institute concluded that women who ate the highest amounts of sugar were 3x more likely to develop colon cancer. We often see high fructose corn syrup added to foods. The University of California, LA found that pancreatic tumor ells use fructose to divide and spread. If this has hit home with you, you may be wondering what to use instead of sugar? Stevia is an excellent sugar alternative and comes from natural sources.

The major take-away from this should be that whatever you put into your body plays a huge role in your health. You only have one body, you should take good care of it. By following these simple guidelines, you could eliminate a multitude of toxins from your life.

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