As most people know, October is breast cancer awareness month. This month we bring awareness to the disease and many focus on raising money for research. What if we told you that the cure to cancer has already been discovered? We will be sharing this information at our Cancer Killers talk on the 20th (see events).  In the week leading up to this life changing talk, we will be exploring the 5 factors to kill cancer. Make sure you attend the talk so you get the in depth information! You do NOT want to miss this!

Cancer Killer Essential #1: Mindset

The first vital step when addressing cancer or any disease for that matter, is to control your mindset. If you believe that you have no control over your health, you won’t.  If you believe you have the power to change your health and the capability of leading a healthy and fulfilling life, then you will!  Many people put their job, families, and other priorities before their own health and wellbeing. You won’t be any good to your family or job if you’re too ill. Think back to the last time you flew in an airplane. Didn’t your flight attendant tell you in case of an emergency and the oxygen masks come down, you must take care of yourself first and then help others? You won’t be able to help anyone else if you pass out first! Take action and responsibility and help yourself first, so you live long enough to help others.

Dr. Bernie Siegel is a leading oncologist in the US. Through his career treating cancer patients, he started noticing something about the patients that survived versus those that passed away. Those patients that beat the cancer had a very specific mindset. They did not view themselves as victims; they took action and knew they would win against the disease. If you have the mindset that anything is possible, you will achieve what you have your mind set on. Constant stress and negativity suppress the immune system and will only make you more sick. Change your mindset, change your life.


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